Study Abroad Webinar Bundle

Low NEET Mark
NEET Repeater
Choosing Country
Choosing universities
Direct Admission
  • After NEET Admission Guidance (Depending your NEET Score)
  • Studing in India Vs Abroad
  • Guidance by Qualified Doctor (Cleared NEET, Cleared FMGE)
  • 120 Minutes Webinar : To Save 1.2 crores
  • Students : Who Scored low mark in NEET
  • Thinking of Repeating NEET - Again
  • Instant, What's Up group access for your doubts
  • Everything for ₹199 saving you over 1 Crore Rupees
  • We Guarantee your admission - or your money back!

What’s Included In The Study Abroad Bundle?

Honestly, there’s a lot to talk about here & Everything will be discusses on webinar.Here are some of the Snippets

1/4 NEET Score & Admission

  • NEET Score:We will help You decide whether to study in India (or) abroad
  • Why Don't You need to Spent Crores & Lakhs in Medical College admission?
  • Why Don't You need to Repeat NEET Once Again ?
  • Low Marks in NEET/NEET Repeaters:We Got Your Back

2/4 Studying Abroad

  • Why is it Necessary to have Plan B as Studying Abroad?
  • Why there is massive outflow to Abroad Universities?
  • Why now a days Doctors Recommends-Studying abroad as Option?
  • Studying in India=Studing in Medical Universities Abroad?
  • How to Break the NEET Loop & become Successful Doctors with Flying Colours?

3/4 Choosing universities & Country

  • How to choose country to pursue your MBBS?
  • How to choose best University in that Country?
  • Fees Structures Of universities
  • Studying in India Vs Abroad
  • 20+ Hours Of Online Course Videos.
  • University Portions & Practical Class Information
  • Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) at Medical Universities Abroad

4/4 Money

  • How to get "Direct Admission" into Abroad University Without Intermediates?
  • Why it is important Not to trust:Local Educational Consultancies?
  • How to find,trustable Educational Consultancy?
  • How NEET Exam become,money making business(How you can avoid it?)
  • How to avoid,Paying Huge Money to Educational Consultancy?

What is the Future Doctor Guarantee?

We guarantee that You will get admission at any of the top universities or You'll get a Full Refund

Don't need study Abroad Bundle?

  • You already decided to Pursue Mbbs in abroad?
  • Tell us the Country?
  • Tell us University name
  • Now you sit back & Relax
  • Low Marks in NEET/NEET Repeaters:We Got Your Back

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Some Question about the study abroad webinar Bundle?

You might find the answer here,If not you can always Reachout to us and we'll be happy to help!

  • How does the Study Abroad Bundle Guarantee Works

    When you Purchase the Study abroad Bundle,We believe that You will have everything you need to get a admission from university of your choice(In Russia,China,Philippines). If you Don't get admission,we provide you with Full refund of your Purchase

  • Is this webinar live(or)Recorded?

    It is live & Interactive Webinar.

  • What will be the language of this webinar?


  • If I joined this webinar,my admission will be confirmed?

    Yes,after webinar we wil give Contact Information,then there itself you can able to choose country/university of your own.

  • What If I can't attend the webinar?

    You will be automatically added to Next webinar Session

  • How I Can Pay?

    You can Pay in payment gateway immediately you will get a link to webinar to your Whatsapp Number.