Admission Process

Simplest Admission Procedure for Abroad Medical University


Submit your preffered Country & University

Select which University and Country for Pursing your MBBS and take the first step by submitting your documents on whatsup


Get your admission letter

Receive your admission letter from the university and start with packing your bags to your destination


Get your Visa

Submit all your document and other addons to get your VISA and commence to your new phase of life


Pay Your Fees

Check out the loan if required, and clear all your dues to officially confirm your enrollment to the university.


Pack Your Suitcase

Grab up your favorite suitcase and dresses and finish up your packing. Remember to keep the thermals!


Welcome to your dream university

Board your flights to unversity with us and start your journey to make your dream a reality.

Fly to your dream destination to pursue your dream career

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