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Our mission

We've got 3 main aim :

  • 01

    To run the best educational consultancy in the world

  • 02

    As a social enterprise to ensure that service are accessible to anyone regardless of money or background

  • 03

    To make the whole experience of admission process enjoyable for both ourselves and our students

However as long as there are admission requirement there will always be companies charging extortinate amount of money from students. Theres no getting around that fact.

Our solutions is'nt to reinvent the wheel- we're simply attempting to disrupt this markets dominated by exploitative corportations by making admission process better and cheaper than existing. Intellecutal potential and dedication should be the only barrier to entry into medicine - not money.


Students allowed the webinar

1 in 2

Student's trust doctors to get this admission

Complete Refund

No question asked

Our Story

From helping 4 students in the suburbs of salem(Tamil Nadu) to hundrends of students , Future Doctors grown exponentially over the years. Below you'll find the story of our humble beginning. our foray into the business world , and our quest for world domination.

Our own Medical Admission into Abroad university:

Most of us joined abroad by just random educational consultancies (just by looking at posters , ads and Banner). We don't know anything about the consultancy we just belived what they told, around 2015 - 2016 Mobile phone & Internet are not so popular , (Now you people have great resource on your hand).

We paid hectic amount of tuition fees, processing fees, we don't have any friends to ask what the reality. we just paid & went to universities. The reality hit me after 6 Months. That was time seed for this company has grown in me.

Why we started:

When I was studing many students asking me for help (just random students). Many of friends also got the message like " Brother . How get admission in yout university?" (in Instagram)

This main reason to start this company.
  • 1. Students are struggling to get admission of abroad universities
  • 2. We can cut down the intermediates between university & Students
  • 3. We can drastically reduce the money paid by students to educational consultancies

Future Doctors

We're friendly company run entirely by Doctors and Medical Students.

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